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    One, enterprise development policy: the leading domestic product, quality first-class, refine on work, service customers.
    Two, enterprise goals: to do first-class enterprise, create world brand, first-class image of the tree.
    Three, enterprise business philosophy: recommend quality products, provide five-star service
    1, about the customer:
    We always respect the customer is supreme, customer first.
    Zero defect products, the use of trouble free service, no worries.
    The customer is the purpose of our work.
    The customer has the right to be put one's heart and soul into service.
    2, service satisfaction guarantee system: customers would like to think, urgent customer's urgency.
    3, service key moment: when the first moment of any department customers to patronize the company.
    4, the right of the customer statement:
    The client has the right to get him a predetermined product.
    Customers have the right to access the service.
    Customers have the right to know the truth, have the right to ask and to get timely and effective response.
    The customer has the right to be polite, honest and treated with respect.
    The customer has the right to get any help we can offer.
    The customer has the right to get satisfaction guarantee.
    5, service, stick in the mud, taboo: cope with cold, body language, lack of mechanical smile sincere and warm.
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